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Weight Loss Plateaus

  • Are you worried about weight loss plateaus?

    Are you worried about weight loss plateaus?

    Anyone who has ever made an attempt to lose a large quantity of fat mass knows the challenge of plateaus. A “plateau” occurs when weight loss slows down or halts altogether, even though the dieter may be as strict in following their meal plan and exercise regimen as they ever have before. This is common, as the body recognizes a significant loss in mass and begins to think it is starving. Many dieters resort to techniques such as tummy tucks and abdominoplasty to remedy a plateau, but this is not normally necessary. Here are some tips on how to get past the inevitable plateau phase and avoid feelings of failure.

    Recognize the fact that you most likely will experience a plateau and prepare for it. There are lots of equations that can help you figure out around what phase of weight loss you might experience a plateau at. For many people, the plateau comes after a loss of about fifty pounds. These plateaus can be more difficult to deal with if you have been burning muscle tissue, so if you experience a plateau after only minor weight loss, try changing your routine. If you’ve been doing a lot of jogging, try swimming when you notice a plateau.

    Change up your routine. By changing your routine to different kinds of aerobic and toning exercises, you can ensure that your muscles are receiving a variety of different workouts and prevent plateauing. Weight loss tends to slow down when the body recognizes that it should not actually be losing that weight – a reaction to repetitive behavior. Prevent this by keeping a wide variety of exercises and workouts on hand and taking part in them regularly.

    Eat foods that help you burn fat and calories. With a bit of research and perhaps a meeting with a dietitian, you can kind out what foods actually help you burn fat and calories. When you approach a plateau, increasing your intake of these foods can be instrumental in keeping progress regularly. Likewise, avoid foods that are hard to digest such as corn and carrots, and foods that are fat builders such as red meats and processed carbohydrates.

      The most effective thing you can do to avoid a plateau and keep progressing is to consult with a dietitian and physical trainer. Based on your body, your lifestyle and health, these are people that are fully qualified to give you the tips and advice you need to meet your weight loss goals. You do not have to resort to plastic surgery in order to feel good about your weight loss efforts–or your body.

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