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Tips on how to tighten sagging skin

  • The skin is a very elastic tissue. When one is pregnant, it expands to accommodate the growing baby in the womb. For those who have experienced massive weight loss one of the immediate side effects is sagging skin. Sagging skin can leave people looking older than they actually are. This is probable the major reason why many people continue to troop to skin clinics and buy skin care products to help them tighten sagging skin.

    Lose weight gradually in order to help the skin return to its normal shape naturally. If you get rid of that weight too quickly, you are most likely to experience sagging skin. It is advisable that weight lost be maintained at a steady pace for the skin to tighten up behind it.

    Invest on a good moisturizer. This helps to trap moisture and keep the skin hydrated. Dry skin loses its elasticity and this is not what you want when you are losing weight. It is advised that moisturizers are applied at night or immediately after taking a shower before going to bed. This helps tighten sagging skin by keeping the skin hydrated and elastic.

    Clean the skin by getting rid of dead skin cells or using loofah or body scrub. This stimulates blood circulation and encourages new skin growth. Drinking lots of water also keeps the skin hydrated. This along with skin moisturizes helps you keep your skin tight and healthy. Drinking eight to ten glasses every day is a healthy way to avoid dry skin most especially if you are allergic to moisturizer ingredients. It’s also great in flushing out skin toxins making your skin glow and healthy.

    Exercises promote good blood circulation giving you healthier skin. Aside from this, it helps tighten the skin by building up muscles to fill in those spaces. Massaging promotes good skin elasticity. Eat healthy foods at the right amount. This is a simple way to tighten sagging skin by keeping it nourished.