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The Wonderfruit: Acai

  • Is acai Safe?  It is  is rich in vitamin and antioxidants.

    Is acai Safe? It is is rich in vitamin and antioxidants.

    Acai products have recently slammed the International retail markets of weight loss products and nutrition. With such high demand for products and foods that encourage positive health effects, it is no wonder that so many people all over the world are investing in this Amazonian wonder fruit and its sister products. Acai comes in many forms and is available just about anywhere you care to look for it, but the key to finding the best effects the fruit can offer you lies in finding the freshest, least processed forms of Acai.

    What is Acai?

    Of course, before you begin taking any product, you need to know what it is and what it does. Acai is no different. Simply because it is all natural does not mean it is good for everyone. Acai berries are much like grapes or blueberries in shape and texture. They are native to the Acai palm of the Amazonian jungle, and have been used in the diet of people in this region as long as Acupuncture has been used in Chinese medicine. Few modern studies of Acai exist currently, simply because our modern society was unaware of the fruit and its potential for great health effects. However, studies of the Amazonian people of hundreds of years ago show minimal cases of cancer, blindness, urinary tract illness, heart disease and many more ailments so common in developed countries. Acai berries, in their natural form, are rich in antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes (making Acai Berry juice extremely good for preventing dehydration), omega fats, protein and an extremely long list of vitamins and minerals.

    One thing worth noting is the fact that most commercial brands of Acai contain heavy preservatives, which actually obliterates most of the fruit’s nutritional value. Since Acai palms do not grow in North America and Europe, the best way to get all of the beneficial effects of this fruit is in the powder or pill forms available at most health food stores.

    Acai in weight loss?

    Acai is simply a fruit and by making it part of a healthy daily diet, you can be sure to see the effects of beautiful skin and nails, increased energy, and a general feeling of being healthier. Acai holds many of the same properties as blueberries, blackberries and grapes, but in much more concentrated form. This fruit can help you reach your weight loss goals by providing you with energy when you need it, offering nourishment without massive calorie intake and also helps ensure you still get all the pertinent little things into your body you might miss on a diet.

    Basically, Acai is no weight loss wonder fruit. It’s an exotic, nutritional and tasty fruit, and when it is part of a daily diet, its effects certainly can ensure you stay healthy while losing weight and also helping to keep you full when you might feel a tad peckish. Acai will not help you drop any amount of weight without daily exercise and healthy eating habits, but it will ensure that your body is getting a few more of the vital nutrients it requires to protect itself from invading germs and bacteria, prevent certain hereditary ailments and also provide a general feeling of increased energy and well being.

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