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The Difference Between Mesotherapy & Injection Lipolysis

  • Can an injection safely help you lose weight?

    Can an injection safely help you lose weight?

    The terms are easily interchanged, with many people using the term mesotherapy to describe Lipodissolve or injection lipolysis and vice versa. While the two fat-removal treatments are designed using similar sciences – that of injections – they are actually very different in many ways. If you’re thinking of under going either one of these great liposuction alternatives, you should be aware of the differences between the two before making any decisions.

    One of these differences is the combination of ingredients that make up the inject-able solution. Injection lipolysis treatments all have at least one ingredient in common – phosphatidylcholine, or PPC. Often, other vitamins and minerals are used as well to encourage a quicker break down process of fat tissues. Injection lipolysis is not injection lipolysis unless PPC is part of the injection treatments. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, has no guidelines pertaining to what ingredients must be present in the injection solution. Often times, each practitioner has his own combination of ingredients he/she favours, or that he/she customizes according to the patient’s goals and body.

    Mesotherapy injections are administered into the mesoderm, the deepest layer of skin with the ideal of producing a positive outcome on the vascular and lymphatic systems in this region. Injection lipolysis occurs within the subcutaneous layer of fat. Sodium deoxycholate, also referred to as DC, is used to keep PPC soluble and inject-able, essentially keeping it in a liquefied solution.

    Injection lipolysis usually consists of a pharmaceutical cocktail, made up of active ingredients designed to aid in the break down of fat cells within the subcutaneous layer of fat. Mesotherapy injections consist of mainly homeopathic agents such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more. There are no clinically proven ingredients in the solution that makes up mesotherapy injections.

    It’s important that potential patients carefully take note of the fact that neither mesotherapy nor injection lipolysis have been reviewed, studied, or approved by the American Food & Drug Association. While this may seem unimportant to some international residents, the testing provided by the FDA is rigorous and results are usually extremely accurate. Many countries follow the FDA’s steps in protecting their citizens, such as the ban of ephedrine in 2004. When the FDA banned the substance, several countries followed suit and began their own testing of the plant extract in weight loss formulas.

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  • Jenny

    December 20, 2010

    I have used both Velasmooth and lipodissolve some time ago and had a reasonable amount of results with both however it was always only short-lived.