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The After effects of a Botched Tummy Tuck

  • Tummy tuck complications can kill you

    Tummy tuck complications can kill you

    For many people, a single factor causes them to think twice before undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, and that is botching. A botched tummy tuck is perhaps the single most frightening aspect that a prospective patient has to consider. Most surgeons do not guarantee aftereffects, especially the ones that know they are not as experienced, so you could find yourself short several thousand dollars. Even more devastating is that the patient winds up paying thatĀ astronomical figure for a bad result.

    Botching describes negative after effects of a cosmetic procedure. This can occur for a wide variety of reasons, from lack of experience or skill on the surgeon’s part or due to a lack of proper preparation on the end of the patient. In other cases, the patient was not properly assessed for eligibility and their skin or body did not take well to the effects of the surgery, causing unsightly results. There are a wide array of effects that can occur due to a botched tummy tuck.

    • Loss or disfiguration of bellybutton. This is one of the most common fears expressed in regards to tummy tucks. “I’m afraid I’ll lose my bellybutton.” This takes place when the skin is not properly placed when the tummy tuck is performed. It can also be caused if some form of weight loss or fat reduction should have occurred prior to surgery. This can only be fixed with additional corrective surgery, which could mean that you end up doubling your investment.
    • Excessive, misplaced scarring. One of the techniques cosmetic surgeons are supposed to be very adept at is carefully placing incisions so that scars remain as inconspicuous as possible. Sadly, there are many cases where botched tummy tucks have included excessive scars, far larger than they were required to be. Another common effect is misplacement, where incisions are made in clearly visible spots. Most patients do not want to boast the fact that they underwent surgery to obtain their figure, and thus incision placement is paramount.
    • Nerve damage. During abdominoplasty, the skin and muscle tissues are separated, which means that the nerve endings are also being separated. Loss of feeling and nerve damage is common after a tummy tuck, but normally it returns after a few months’ time. Some botched cases have seen patients never fully regainingĀ feeling in their incision area.

    Botched tummy tucks are far too common for comfort, and can cause death in severe cases. If you’re considering abdominoplasty, be sure to thoroughly research your surgeon and the reviews of his/her work. A good, reputable surgeon should be more than happy to have a few consultations with you and thoroughly go over your risk factor for negative results.

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