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Tara Reid’s Liposuction Nightmare

  • Tara Reid speaks out against liposuctionThere’s no question about it, liposuction can be a very dangerous procedure to undergo. We’ve heard about the wife of R&B superstar Usher, Tameka Raymond, who suffered major complication after a liposuction procedure earlier this year. Botched liposuction jobs have been highly present in the media for many years. Tabloid magazines have, on more than one occasion, featured bad liposuction on the bellies of various stars as their cover story. Some stars, such as Tara Reid, have decided to speak out about their negative experiences with cosmetic surgery, while many others deny any involvement.

    Tara Reid interviewed with US Weekly regarding her liposuction and breast augmentation nightmare in 2006. She explains that she was not attracted to liposuction because she wanted to reduce the fat content of her abdomen, but because she wanted a six pack. Tara underwent body contouring, which left her stomach with uneven ripples and bulges. After both her liposuction and breast augmentation ended up leaving her scarred and misshapen, Tara experienced depression and self consciousness.

    It took her over a year to finally undergo corrective cosmetic surgery. Tara told US Weekly that she was frightened of the potential results of her corrective surgery, that she might end up with further botching of her body. Luckily, she found Dr. Steven Svehlak – a highly qualified, excessively certified and vastly skilled cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California.

    Dr. Svehlak explained that he had to spend over three hours operating on Ms. Reid while she was under the effects of general anesthesia. He had to remove excess skin in order to even out the previous surgery and use fine sculpting techniques in order to correct the botching.

    Part of Tara’s nightmare involved a 2004 incident where her breast was exposed for the world to see following her breast augmentation. Photographs of her breast, accompanied by degrading comments, were found abundantly all over the web. Shortly after, her career came crashing down around her.

    Luckily, Tara Reid is among those in the world that can afford a follow-up surgery in order to correct a botched job. Most people cannot, and very few cosmetic surgeons guarantee their work. This is an extremely important factor to be considered by anyone who is thinking about going under the knife, and an excellent reason to look further into liposuction alternatives such as The Natural Sculpting System. Worst case scenario? The product fails, you move on. No scars, no bumps, no lumps.

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