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Physical Requirements for Liposuction Surgery

  • Contemplating on a quick and effective way of shedding those stubborn fats from your body? Then liposuction might just do the trick for you. Although liposuction continues to be one of the safest medical procedures, it does have its limitations. You just can’t step on a hospital or clinic and have it done instantly.

    Health Requirements

    Even liposuction has its limits when it comes to the amount of fat it could remove with each treatment. This is because the dangers of the operation increases with the amount of cellulite deposits being removed. Liposuction is a surgical treatment and people who undergo any complex medical procedure should be physically healthy.

    People who are extremely overweight are advised to trim down their weight to more acceptable levels. Those who are in excess of 400 to 500 pounds for example are advised by surgeons to decrease their weight before they are allowed to undergo liposuction. These could be quite difficult since it means eating a healthy diet and exercising, things they have neglected through the years.

    People who are suffering are suffering from serious medical ailments such as diabetes and cardio vascular diseases are also discouraged from undertaking liposuction surgery. The danger with people with diabetes for example is that wounds made during the operation will never heal.

    Heart ailments are always a constant danger with any operation. This complicates the surgery and increases the risk for failure. Massive fluid and volume loss as a result of liposuction can be too strenuous on the heart.

    Ideal Weight

    It is recommended that people who are opting for liposuction should be within 30 percent of their ideal body weight. Complications and risks increase with every pound in excess of this range. There are limits on how much fats liposuction could remove with each treatment and the people who could avail of this procedure. Speaking with a professional cosmetic surgeon could help you arrive with a better informed decision. It keeps liposuction safer and more satisfying for those who choose to make this health decision.