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Male Liposuction – Gynecomastia

  • Competition, male ego and pride: these are all things that will drive a man to think about plastic surgery. The general appearance of a man sometimes will cause a man to lose his self confidence and be the center of many jokes. So more and more men are turning to plastic surgery as a means of improving their looks. The thought of women drooling over them and to be ahead of a group of men who meet regularly to talk about “guy things,” will push some men to change their appearance by any means necessary without regards to the dangers of surgeries.

    What is Gynecomastia?
    Another reason men are turning to liposuction is a condition called gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a benign enlargement of the breast in men. Gynecomastia is the presence of a firm mass extending centrically from the man’s nipples. This condition is sometimes referred to as lipomastia. Liposuction will improve this condition and give the appearance of normality.  However, there are liposuction alternatives that can help.

    Cosmetic Surgery
    Cosmetic Surgery is defined as any surgery that changes or improves the person’s body to correct a physical feature or defect. Cosmetic surgery is normally thought of for women as they seek to eliminate all wrinkles, have their breast augmented or to make them larger and cosmetic surgery to remove damage from fires and accidents. Rarely does anyone think that men have the same desires. The desire to look like Tom Cruise or just to be in the best shape possible. Approximately 12 percent of all the liposuction surgeries being performed yearly are from men and the numbers are growing.

    Men desiring to have liposuction should be in a good health and be emotional stable. Getting liposuction is just the beginning of the process. Keeping the fat off after the procedure is the real challenge. Two-thirds of the people going for liposuction are return clients.

    Before Considering Liposuction
    Before considering any invasive surgery, make sure you check all the facts. 25% of all liposuction surgeries have complications and of that figure 7% are major. There have been many deaths from liposuction also. It is important to look for liposuction alternatives before agreeing to surgery in all cases. Patients who have a history of illnesses or permanent conditions, are not likely to be considered as optimal candidates for the surgery. Speaking with your doctor about the surgery is very important and then consider both the pros and cons before any decision is made.

    After the surgery, you will not be able to see the results immediately. It will take around two months to recover from the swelling, bruising and pain. After the side effects are gone, you will see many areas of improvements that look tighter and younger. For the man, the improvement of his outwards appearance will normally cause him to stick to a healthy diet and exercise protocol. Keep in mind that male liposuction is generally more expensive than female liposuction. As always, consult with your physical about other alternatives and then decide which is the best protocol for your health and longevity.