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Liposuction – Risks and Benefits

  • Complications can kill you

    Before considering undergoing liposuction surgery it would be a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of such treatment. This is important in mentally preparing you for the changes that this procedure brings. Liposuction is a great way of removing excess fats from the body. But along with the benefits comes its share of risks as well.

    The biggest health benefit of liposuction is it immediately reduces the risk for cardio vascular diseases. CVD remains to be the top cause of mortality worldwide. Cutting down on the amount of unhealthy fats dramatically reduces a person’s risk for developing cardio vascular disease.

    Aside from the immediate health benefits of liposuction, intangible psychological benefits also come into mind. Liposuction surgery immediately helps overweight people achieve a visibly slimmer figure. It gives people suffering from weight problems immediate relief and provides an instant confidence boost.

    People who were able to achieve massive weight loss through liposuction surgery could also feel a dramatic improvement in their quality of life. They are able to participate in activities which were previously unavailable for them. Self confidence is boosted helping them escape from the social stigma of being perceived as being unhealthy or unattractive.

    However, liposuction surgery has its own share of risks as well. Liposuction is an invasive procedure and comes with health risks. Swelling, tissue trauma and pain are some of the common complaints voiced by patients. It also requires a considerable recovery time. This may mean anywhere from a few days or weeks away from work a proposition that can be very difficult for busy people.

    Liposuction surgery if not performed properly could also lead to serious medical complications. Bleeding and infection could be life threatening if not properly identified at the onset. This makes proper wound important to avoid dangerous medical complications.

    Doing a simple research and understanding the different processes that happen during liposuction surgery gives you a better vantage point for determining if this is for you. Having realistic expectations for example saves you from frustration. Speaking with your personal physician helps you arrive with the best weight loss solution that works for you.