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Liposuction…for men?

  • Can liposuction work for men?

    Can liposuction work for men?

    When we think about liposuction, a few things normally come to mind. First, is that it is for women and/or celebrities. Next, the costs come to mind, along with the dangers. Finally, you wonder, “Can this be for me? I’m a man!” The answer is yes, as more men each year are seeing the value of liposuction and turn to it to help shape and define muscles, lose weight, and get rid of fat pockets.

    Women primarily choose to undergo liposuction in areas like the breasts, face, and tummy, while men normally opt for buttocks, abs, and chest areas. While women tend to lean toward getting rid of fat and looking thin, men are likely to shoot for defined muscles and a chiseled physique. The cost varies per area and based on other factors, such as doctor, anesthesia, and facility.

    Body contouring is one of the more popular forms of liposuction for men. This procedure tones the body and helps enhance the look of the muscles that are already there. For those who have been working out but still can’t see a noticeable difference, body sculpting is a definite option. It improves the look of the muscle by eliminating the fat hiding it, creating a more toned and chiseled look.

    However, any man considering liposuction should be aware of the risks involved so be sure to talk to your doctor before beginning your search for a plastic surgeon qualified to perform the operation. You can normally go back to work in a week or less, and resume all other everyday activities within 6 weeks (or less, depending on how much surgery was done and on which parts of the body).

    Remember to only allow a licensed and certified professional to do any liposuction procedure, no matter whether you are male or female. Choosing someone who is not a professional could result in deadly or disastrous results. If you aren’t sure whether he/she is licensed, it is not uncommon for patients to request to see a license and other similar credentials. It is much better to be safe than sorry!

    Above all, go into the initial consultation with realistic expectations. Rome was not built in a day, and it normally takes multiple surgeries, thousands of dollars, and a lot of dedication to build a Roman god, so be patient. Do not expect to walk out looking like Johnny Depp, and be happy with who you are underneath.

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