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Liposuction Dangers Make International Headlines

  • Weight loss surgeries are gaining international attention due to their dangers
    Weight loss surgeries are gaining international attention due to their dangers

    Last Wednesday, Tameka Raymond, wife of R&B singer Usher, was released from the hospital after an 11 day stay. The reason for her extended hospitalization: Serious complications due to a liposuction procedure.

    While being anesthetized for the operation, Raymond went into cardiac arrest. Doctors were able to revive her, but put her into a 24-hour induced coma to prevent further complications. It was 11 days before she was deemed well enough to return home.

    Raymond is said to be doing much better at this point; however, she is not the first person to make headlines due to a botched cosmetic surgery. Donda West, mother of world-renown hip-hop artist Kanye West, died in 2007 after receiving a joint tummy tuck and breast reduction operation. Ms. West was only 58 years old at the time of her death.

    Doctors in the United Kingdom continue to tell us how safe tummy tucks, liposuction and other weight loss surgeries are, but when celebrities and their families (people who can afford the absolute best in health care without any financial strain) begin to suffer the ill consequences, how can so many people turn a blind eye to the very real dangers?

    As we have mentioned many times before, the risks of cosmetic surgery certainly do exist. Infection, scarring, and – in the most devastating cases – death are not unheard of. Even if doctors are able to prevent death, as with Raymond, the recovery period could be greatly prolonged, creating more than just a slight inconvenience.

    The main problem seems to be that some surgeons do not fully check the condition of their patients before the operation. Each person should be checked to see if they can handle the anesthesia and to see if their heart and other vital organs can handle the strain of the procedure. When a doctor fails to properly assess a patient’s state of health before cosmetic surgery, there is a significantly increased risk for complications.

    Would a proper checkup prevent all injuries and deaths related to liposuction and tummy tucks? Certainly not. But if you still feel the urge to take the risk and have one of these procedures done, make sure your doctor runs every precautionary test at his or her disposal.

    Our staff strongly advises against liposuction, tummy tucks, lipodissolve and other medical or surgical weight loss procedures. It is unrealistic to believe that people will stop having these operations done altogether, so if you or someone you care about decides on one of these options, please make sure proper caution is used.

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