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Is Liposuction the Answer?

  • Liposuction is not the enemy in all cases.

    Liposuction is not the enemy in all cases.

    Traditionally, when we think about liposuction, we think of an older woman trying to look younger. On television, many shows glamorize plastic surgery as an amazing way to look younger without any real work on your part. What shows like these fail to mention is that surgeries can only delay the inevitable. If you are not living a healthy lifestyle, working out regularly, and eating right, whatever you have corrected will come back, and probably at least twice as bad.

    Is it worth the money to get liposuction if it’s just going to come back? Some say it is, if for no other reason than for the boost in self-esteem. Others say no, why spend the money, go through the surgery, and experience recovery even once if it has to be repeated about every two years. It is expensive, with most plastic surgeries costing a minimum of $500 and proceeding upwards very quickly. It takes weeks, and sometimes months, to recover completely. That is, if you have no negative side effects.

    Plastic surgery can be an interesting alternative to weight loss, and has its place, of course. It is a great option for those born with deformities, scarring for a variety of reasons, burns, and to remove sagging skin after significant weight loss. When done for health-related reasons, as it was designed, it can be very beneficial, and worth the cost and downtime. However, many use it as a replacement for proper diet and exercise, and this simply won’t do.

    To summarize, liposuction is not evil. Having one of these surgeries performed on your body does not make you lazy, nor does it make you “one of those people,” trying to look younger than your age. There is nothing wrong with trying to improve your image, especially if you have problems that you were born with or relating to an accident or illness. Done the right way, under the right circumstances, it can be an excellent alternative to living your life as the odd man out.