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How is liposuction done – the right way

  • Liposuction is one of today’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Liposuction originated from Italy during the 1970s and since then has crossed borders to the United States and Canada in 90s. Presently, liposuction is being preformed in almost every part of the world.

    Contrary to what most people believe, liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Although liposuction removes excess fat from unwanted areas, the procedure is more focused on shaping and remodeling one’s body figure – not on helping a person to lose weight.

    Likewise, most people are also clueless on how liposuction procedures are performed and what takes place during the liposuction procedure which are important when you’re considering to undergo a liposuction procedure.

    Prior to undergoing a liposuction procedure, it’s imperative that you are sure of the legitimacy and reputation of the cosmetic surgeon or the medical clinic you’re dealing with. Just like any medical procedure, there are certain risks involved with liposuction, that’s why it’s essential that you invest time in finding the right cosmetic surgeon to perform your liposuction.

    It’s imperative that you do a background search on the cosmetic surgeon or the medical clinic you’re talking with. In the field of medicine, reputation is a must and with the help of the Internet, you can easily find details regarding the reputation of a cosmetic surgeon or a medical clinic.

    Don’t hesitate to ask questions and inquire about the licenses and certifications of those who will take part in the operation. You can also talk to your cosmetic surgeon’s former patients to have a better glimpse of how the actual procedure will be.

    Before the actual procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will first inject anesthesia so that you won’t feel pain when the sucking out of fat starts. There are basically three types of primary anesthesia; the local, the regional and the general.

    Local affects only the area where the liposuction procedure is applied while regional numbs the patient’s lower body. On the other hand, the general anesthesia is administered intravenously. Of the three, the general anesthesia is the more ideal as it won’t allow you to feel any pain during the operation.

    After injecting anesthesia, you cosmetic surgeon will then start the actual liposuction procedure by injecting a solution to the area concerned. The solution is actually composed mostly of salt water and is injected to make fat removal much easier and quicker.

    After the solution has been injected, your cosmetic surgeon will then make an incision in the skin where fat is to be sucked out. A cannula will then be inserted to suck out the fat out of the body area concerned.  After a successful operation, recovery will take at least one to two weeks.