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Exercises that tone muscle

  • Losing weight can be a long and arduous task. It requires full dedication, inner strength, will power and discipline. Anyone who has managed to lose a large amount of weight and keep it off knows that it is no quick and easy fix. Reaching your final goal could take years, and then you have to look at then sculpting the results – another long and arduous task.  Sometimes your best alterntaive is not liposuction, but instead, exercises that tone muscle.

    Not everyone loves the idea of going to the gym and pumping iron in order to tone and sculpt their muscles. There are many exercises that will help with this task without requiring the use of weights or other equipment. Here are some ideas:

    Swimmer1) Swimming
    When you’re swimming, you’re using almost every major muscular system in your body. On top of this, swimming is also great aerobic exercise and breathing exercise. With a quick stretch before diving in, you can do the majority of your warm up and cool down in the pool. A simple over hand stroke puts all your muscles to good use, and an hour or so of swimming on alternating days can really help produce results in the legs, arms, abdominal region, back and neck.

    2) Push-ups and sit-ups
    Think military style. In order for push-ups and sit-ups to really produce results, they have to be done in a certain form. Military training units are using styles of these exercises that force more muscles into action than any other style of sit-up or push-up. You’ll definitely feel sore if you’re not used to that kind of work out, so using alternate exercises such as knee push-ups or crunches can be great starters. By using your own body weight to work muscles of the arms, legs, back, shoulders, stomach, buttocks and more, sit-ups and push-ups have proven their worth in the physique of anyone who practices them regularly.

    3) Jogging
    Now, it’s important to wear good, cushioned jogging sneakers before you start pounding the pavement. Otherwise, you could damage your ankles, knees, hips and other joints due to repetitive impact. This is one of the reasons that many people are beginning to do their daily run on a treadmill. Regardless of how you choose to jog, be sure to do it safely. Jogging builds the muscles and ligaments in the legs, mainly, but you can purchase weighted gloves and tiny dumb bells to help you begin to build muscle in your arms with the motions involved in jogging

    All of these exercises mentioned are also great in working towards weight loss. Because of the way they use the muscles and the aerobics involved, these exercises are effective fat burners when applied in an appropriate exercise program and accompanied by a healthy, balanced daily diet.


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