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Tummy tucks

  • Cost of Tummy Tuck in the UK

    Aging, pregnancy and weight problems are just of the usual suspects when people find themselves with an above the average waist line. Even with the best efforts some women could not simply eliminate these problem areas. A tummy tuck is an excellent answer for hard to remove excess skin and fat deposits in the abdominal areas. But with the high cost of tummy tuck in the UK it is important that we study these medical procedures and what it can give you.

    Benefits of Tummy Tucks

    Tummy tucks continue to be a popular of treating excess skin and hard to remove fat deposits in the belly because of the numerous benefits it can give. It is an excellent way of improving one’s health, bring your clothes sizes a few sizes down and it can also make women look more attractive. The cost of tummy tucks in the UK maybe worth it because it helps women have a more positive attitude and increases their self-confidence.

    Cost of Tummy Tuck in the UK

    Prices for these type of cosmetic procedure can run anywhere from a few thousand pounds. Fees associated with tummy tucks include medical professional fees, equipment fees, facilities and medications. Because of the high cost of tummy tuck in the UK, women with medical insurance can apply for staggered payments if they could not afford to make the one-time payment.

    Tummy Tuck Surgery

    The cost of tummy tuck in the UK remains high because of the nature of the medical procedure. These are invasive procedures and should only be done by qualified cosmetic surgeons. This is a complex medical procedure and is way more difficult than liposuction surgery. The belly area is tightened by making an initial incision in the abdominal area. Excess skin and tissues are removed and the area is sewn back to create a firmer and tighter abdominal area.

    Tummy tuck surgery may take 2 to 6 hours. Another concern is the long recovery time after surgery. Tummy tuck surgeries should never be taken lightly. Women seriously considering this medical treatment should not only take into account the cost of tummy tuck in the UK but the risks they take with treatment.

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  • The After effects of a Botched Tummy Tuck

    Tummy tuck complications can kill you

    Tummy tuck complications can kill you

    For many people, a single factor causes them to think twice before undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, and that is botching. A botched tummy tuck is perhaps the single most frightening aspect that a prospective patient has to consider. Most surgeons do not guarantee aftereffects, especially the ones that know they are not as experienced, so you could find yourself short several thousand dollars. Even more devastating is that the patient winds up paying that astronomical figure for a bad result.

    Botching describes negative after effects of a cosmetic procedure. This can occur for a wide variety of reasons, from lack of experience or skill on the surgeon’s part or due to a lack of proper preparation on the end of the patient. In other cases, the patient was not properly assessed for eligibility and their skin or body did not take well to the effects of the surgery, causing unsightly results. There are a wide array of effects that can occur due to a botched tummy tuck.

    • Loss or disfiguration of bellybutton. This is one of the most common fears expressed in regards to tummy tucks. “I’m afraid I’ll lose my bellybutton.” This takes place when the skin is not properly placed when the tummy tuck is performed. It can also be caused if some form of weight loss or fat reduction should have occurred prior to surgery. This can only be fixed with additional corrective surgery, which could mean that you end up doubling your investment.
    • Excessive, misplaced scarring. One of the techniques cosmetic surgeons are supposed to be very adept at is carefully placing incisions so that scars remain as inconspicuous as possible. Sadly, there are many cases where botched tummy tucks have included excessive scars, far larger than they were required to be. Another common effect is misplacement, where incisions are made in clearly visible spots. Most patients do not want to boast the fact that they underwent surgery to obtain their figure, and thus incision placement is paramount.
    • Nerve damage. During abdominoplasty, the skin and muscle tissues are separated, which means that the nerve endings are also being separated. Loss of feeling and nerve damage is common after a tummy tuck, but normally it returns after a few months’ time. Some botched cases have seen patients never fully regaining feeling in their incision area.

    Botched tummy tucks are far too common for comfort, and can cause death in severe cases. If you’re considering abdominoplasty, be sure to thoroughly research your surgeon and the reviews of his/her work. A good, reputable surgeon should be more than happy to have a few consultations with you and thoroughly go over your risk factor for negative results.

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  • Liposuction Dangers Make International Headlines

    Weight loss surgeries are gaining international attention due to their dangers
    Weight loss surgeries are gaining international attention due to their dangers

    Last Wednesday, Tameka Raymond, wife of R&B singer Usher, was released from the hospital after an 11 day stay. The reason for her extended hospitalization: Serious complications due to a liposuction procedure.

    While being anesthetized for the operation, Raymond went into cardiac arrest. Doctors were able to revive her, but put her into a 24-hour induced coma to prevent further complications. It was 11 days before she was deemed well enough to return home.

    Raymond is said to be doing much better at this point; however, she is not the first person to make headlines due to a botched cosmetic surgery. Donda West, mother of world-renown hip-hop artist Kanye West, died in 2007 after receiving a joint tummy tuck and breast reduction operation. Ms. West was only 58 years old at the time of her death.

    Doctors in the United Kingdom continue to tell us how safe tummy tucks, liposuction and other weight loss surgeries are, but when celebrities and their families (people who can afford the absolute best in health care without any financial strain) begin to suffer the ill consequences, how can so many people turn a blind eye to the very real dangers?

    As we have mentioned many times before, the risks of cosmetic surgery certainly do exist. Infection, scarring, and – in the most devastating cases – death are not unheard of. Even if doctors are able to prevent death, as with Raymond, the recovery period could be greatly prolonged, creating more than just a slight inconvenience.

    The main problem seems to be that some surgeons do not fully check the condition of their patients before the operation. Each person should be checked to see if they can handle the anesthesia and to see if their heart and other vital organs can handle the strain of the procedure. When a doctor fails to properly assess a patient’s state of health before cosmetic surgery, there is a significantly increased risk for complications.

    Would a proper checkup prevent all injuries and deaths related to liposuction and tummy tucks? Certainly not. But if you still feel the urge to take the risk and have one of these procedures done, make sure your doctor runs every precautionary test at his or her disposal.

    Our staff strongly advises against liposuction, tummy tucks, lipodissolve and other medical or surgical weight loss procedures. It is unrealistic to believe that people will stop having these operations done altogether, so if you or someone you care about decides on one of these options, please make sure proper caution is used.

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