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  • Ultrasound Liposuction

    Traditional Lipo may be history.

    Traditional Lipo may be history.

    Many of us spend countless hours poring over new information on weight loss technology, ways to look our best, and remedies for aging. In addition, the thousands nationwide with physical problems hope every day to see an answer come onto the horizon. Ultrasound liposuction may soon replace conventional liposuction for those considering lipo as an answer to all of their body problems.

    Although not yet approved by the FDA, ultrasound liposuction is gaining popularity and interest within the medical community, and the general populace is not far behind. There are a few things that you should know before considering this type of invasive technique, however.

    Ultrasound liposuction will be very expensive, especially when it is first approved for use on the general public. As of now, the tools alone are astronomical, at around $50,000 for the ultrasound machine alone. Couple this with equipment costs, technician salary, and profit, and each patient would need a wheelbarrow to offer payment. This procedure will probably be for the rich and famous, at least for a while.

    This type of procedure can have extremely negative complications. Not unlike conventional liposuction, ultrasound lipo can have very bad side effects. These can be even worse than those seen with old-fashioned liposuction, including burns, abrasions, and infections.

    However, even though ultrasound liposuction can be dangerous, it can also be more effective than regular liposuction, depending on the patient. Ultrasound is believed to be more capable of removing fatty tissue and cellulite, a definite plus considering the cost. It can also get deeper than regular lipo, meaning that more can be done in fewer visits.

    Is ultrasound technology right for you? The only way to find out is to visit your doctor and wait to see what the FDA decides. Until then, keep up with your diet and exercise routines, and the necessity of liposuction may just fade away on its own.

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  • Thigh Lifts

    Flankoplasty has its own risks and benefits.

    Flankoplasty has its own risks and benefits.

    Thigh lifts, also called flankoplasty, are one of the more popular types of plastic surgery for people who have lost massive amounts of weight in a short time frame. Most have undergone bariatric surgery or similar surgical weight loss procedures, and the excess skin seen through these treatments is nearly impossible to get rid of without additional surgical measures. Thigh lifts remove the excess skin at the thigh area, and they are often done at the same time as abdominoplasty or other types of liposuction in the trunk area.

    This procedure can be painful to recover from, and, since it is nearly always combined with another procedure, can be somewhat expensive. In addition, it will have to be repeated on occasion, which can lead to horrible scarring if not done correctly. Patients must understand the potential risk of the fat accumulating again, and need to be aware of their commitment to at least attempting to maintain weight to even hope to allow the results of the procedure to last for any length of time.

    Most patients choose flankoplasty only as a last resort. The first thought should be diet and exercise programs, and similar home-based non-invasive treatments that cost little or nothing but are effective. For some, body wraps and similar procedures work great and eliminate the need for more invasive surgeries. They cost much less, and have none of the horrible potential side effects that surgery offers.

    Typical side effects possible include swelling, pain, soreness, tenderness, nausea, bruising, and vomiting. Most of these go away within two weeks. In addition, some patients have problems with infection, and this can be life threatening in some cases. It’s very important to speak with a licensed health care professional before choosing surgery. Always check the credentials of anyone you consider allowing to perform an invasive procedure, and understand the risks and potential benefits involved beforehand.

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  • Gynecomastia

    Many men consider their image to represent everything that they are.  Their image has everything to do with their self confidence and with their general appearance.  Losing their weight or fat often gives them more energy and a better outlook on the environments around them.  They often believe that they look greater in the eyes of women and when spending time with “the guys.”  This overall outlook on life that is changed through cosmetic surgery is often worth so much to males that it outweighs the risks of the surgeries.

    Why Consider Liposuction

    Another possible reason for a male to get liposuction is because of gynecomastia, or a buildup of fat cells or glandular tissue under the breast of a man.  This is something that men often are not comfortable with and having the procedure done can make them feel better about their appearance.

    Cosmetic surgery is defined as any surgery that changes the way that a person’s body is altered to look different.  Everyone knows that there are a lot of women who get their breasts augmented to make them larger, or facial reconstruction for those who have been in accidents or burns.  When cosmetic surgery is mentioned people often do not associate it with male liposuction, which makes up approximately sixteen percent of the cosmetic surgeries done in the United States.  Ideally a male patient who is considering liposuction should be in a generally good state of health and emotional stability.  This usually ensures that the patient will keep off the fat that they lost through liposuction.

    Before Considering Liposuction
    Before considering liposuction you should be knowledgeable about the potential risks and about what you should realistically expect from the surgery.  Their medical practitioner and cosmetic surgeon should have a consultation and go over your history with you and cover the supplements and medications that are currently being used.  Doing this will make sure that the doctors don’t put you on something that could react badly.  Patients who have a history of illnesses or permanent conditions are won’t likely be considered as optimal candidate for the surgery.   Speaking with your doctor about the surgery is very important and will enable you to weight your pros and cons much more thoroughly.

    When getting liposuction done you will many times not even see the results immediately, this is often because of swelling after the surgery.  After swelling has gone down the different areas of their bodies will look tighter and younger.  This often will help the men to reach their goals of looking the way they want, leading to them feeling the way that they want too.  If you are considering liposuction as a male you should know that it is often more expensive than what a female would pay and that you may or may not be in optimal condition for the surgery.  You should talk with your doctor before the surgery becomes a viable option.

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