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  • How Liposuction is Performed

    Liposuction has become a popular option among many people in modern society to assist with fat removal from various parts of the body. There are many cosmetic surgeons practicing liposuction techniques regularly and are perfecting these techniques to sculpt the body as desired.

    Consultation With Surgeon

    After the careful process of selecting a surgeon, a patient should ask for a consultation if one is not offered before the surgery. Some liposuction surgeons offer two or three consultation appointments to give the patient time to consider what is being done and how, or to make decisions based on the surgeon’s recommendations. During the consultation(s), the surgeon will begin to map out the procedure based on the patient’s pain tolerance, the amount of fat tissue to be removed and the desired results. After receiving the patient’s approval, the surgeon may have to reserve operating space in a local hospital or he may have facilities on site.

    The Procedure

    These surgeries begin with the injection of a wetting solution made of mostly of salt water, which makes fat removal a much easier task by beginning the break-down process. The wetting solution normally also contains epinephrine, used to shrink the blood vessels and reduce bleeding and bruising. Depending upon the pain tolerance of the patient, a local anesthetic may also be used in the wetting solution. More, less or the same amount of solution as fat tissue may be injected. Most commonly, surgeons use more wetting solution than fat tissue (called Tumescent liposuction). Tumescent liposuction reduces bleeding and bruising, due to increased amounts of epinephrine in the body and requires only the use of a local anesthesia, opposed to an epidural or general anesthesia.

    Dry Liposuction

    Liposuction can also be performed “dry”, using no wetting solutions and merely removing the fat without any additional substances to aid. This is dangerous procedure and is rarely used anymore. It can result in major bleeding, tissue damage and extended recovery times.

    Removing Fat

    After all anesthesia has been administered and the wetting solution has been injected, the surgeon will make a small incision in the immediate area where the fat tissue is to be removed. A cannula is inserted into the incision and directed into the fat deposits to be removed. This narrow metal tube connects to a a hand piece that controls the device and a suction pump. The surgeon operates the cannula by moving it back and forth through the unwanted fat and it is sucked out by the pump.

    Length of Procedure

    Liposuction procedures take about an hour or two to be completed, on average. The more extensive the fat removal, the longer the procedure will take to complete. The incisions made to accommodate the cannula are closed using a few surgical stitches. Staples may be used on larger incisions.

    Post Op Care

    After a liposuction procedure, patients should always take care to follow any post-operation instructions from their surgeon or physician.

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  • Liposuction for Men

    Liposuction for men is not just restricted to below the neck. Men are turning more regularly to liposuction to slenderize and revitalize their faces. Some ordinary areas for male facial liposuction are the chin, neck, and jowls. Liposuction on men is usually completed as outpatient surgery under local anesthesia. Male liposuction is on the rise. In reality, it has become a craze. The bulk of men discover that they can return to work and normal activity about 72 hours post-op.

    Liposuction for men is pricier than liposuction for women for a few reasons. When one compares male and female fat cells they can observe that males fat cells are unlike women’s and stronger in texture. Liposuction for men commonly focuses on the back and abdomen areas.

    Cosmetic surgery offers both men and women a opportunity to look the way they wish by making alterations in order to give their bodies a shape that they find attractive. Cosmetic surgery has surfaced as a very popular procedure for men and women nowadays. Nonetheless, the comparatively higher cost of this type of voluntary cosmetic surgery is definitely out of bounds for many people, considering that insurance often does not pay (or pays little) anything toward the expenses.

    Liposuction can be very helpful in decreasing the appearance of love handles, winter rolls, or disproportionate fat deposited around the abdominal area. Some men have a difficult time losing weight in this area. Although they may practice proper diet and exercise regularly, the fat deposits refuse to go away. For these men, liposuction may be the answer.

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  • Liposuction Procedures Gone Awry

    When Liposuction Goes Wrong The fashion world has decreed that there just isn’t room for flabby abs, bulgy thighs, or love handles. And in response, droves of London citizens are turning to liposuction. With recent studies indicating a soaring growth trend in deaths due to liposuction complications, it’s now becoming critical that you know what you’re getting into before you make a potentially grave mistake. This blog will give you the skinny on why you shouldn’t take the risk.

    Proof In The Numbers

    In our previous blog: “Liposuction Dangers Make International Headlines,” we touched on several famous celebs who revealed the hard-hitting facts about their botched lipo procedures. Web MD recently divulged a report covering a “census survey” where more than 1,200 board-certified plastic surgeons were required to fill out a questionnaire asking about their experience with death due to liposuction procedures. So far, only 900 physicians actually responded, but the findings were absolutely staggering! 130 deaths were reported by the physicians. Not to mention, another study from an issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery indicated that the death rate caused by liposuction form the years 1994 to 1998 was higher in number than the national rate of motor-vehicle accidents!

    Botched Jobs

    If the previous info hasn’t already curbed your lipo enthusiasm, then perhaps Health Library’s story of Lake Tahoe woman, Leah Carlson, will. Leah Carlson, 42, of South Lake Tahoe, California lost 120 pounds, but still felt her hips and thighs were out of proportion, so she signed up for liposuction. Contrary to her doctor’s promises, Carlson’s first liposuction surgery did not produce noticeable results. “I was disappointed and the doctor was disappointed and completely confounded how he could have removed so much fat without any apparent change,” says Carlson. “A few months later he offered to do another surgery at no charge. He thought that since I’d lost so much weight, I may have accumulated very fibrous fat, and so he wanted to try a new tool he proclaimed had achieved excellent results,” Carlson says.

    …The second liposuction procedure for Carlson proved an utter travesty.

    “The surgeon used a cannula he wasn’t trained to use,” says Carlson. “My lymphatic and vascular systems were destroyed, causing the tissue in both inner thighs to die.” Eventually gangrene set in and Carlson was fighting for her life.

    If you’re considering a liposuction procedure in London, Liverpool or Manchester, know the risks! Rather than leave your life to chance, try all-natural weight-loss alternatives that really work!! Don’t risk the perilous consequences!

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