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  • Surgery & Alternatives Are Not A Replacement For Healthy Living!

    Are Pills the Replacement for a Healthy Diet and Exercise?

    Are Pills the Replacement for a Healthy Diet and Exercise?

    The number of weight loss products, surgeries, alternative liposuction procedures and therapies on the market is so vast it is easy for one to become overwhelmed. It is even easier for someone to become fooled into believing these services and products are designed to be replacements for a healthy lifestyle. This is not the case, in any instance. A physician will tell you the same – you cannot expect to lose weight and keep it off if you do not maintain a healthy diet and take part in frequent exercise.

    Part of the reason it is so easy to fall into this trap is because there are so many products that advertise doing just that! ‘Eat what you want, no exercise required!’ These claims should draw caution instead of open wallets. These products may induce a level of dependency, an addiction. The ingredients are designed to increase the metabolism, and usually contain addictive stimulants such as caffeine. Years ago, these pills contained ephedrine (fake adrenaline) and amphetamine, two extremely dangerous and addictive drugs. Their availability on the widespread retail market resulted in a large number of deaths, and an even larger number of people suffering from heart, liver and kidney problems.

    There are many reputable weight loss aids available today. Many of them have been approved by local government administrations and are safe. But it is important for potential clients to understand that the treatments, surgeries, injections, creams or pills cannot work by themselves. They are not designed to do so. Any program, service or product that is safe is designed to help make it easier to burn fat cells away with a healthy lifestyle.

    By consulting with your physician prior to beginning any weight loss program, you can work to tailor a plan that will work to meet your goals. A qualified medical professional can tell you what can help you sculpt a particular area of your body, or refer you to a dietitian or physical therapist who can help you with this task. He or she can make recommendations based on your progress, and with their educated guidance, you’ll be sure to soon find the body you’ve always desired.

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