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  • Fears Associated With Tummy Tucks

    Tummy Tuck Alternatives

    Tummy Tuck Alternatives

    As an elective cosmetic surgery, those who may consider having a tummy tuck done may find themselves concerned with a wide number of risks, side effects and possibilities. There are many factors to consider when it comes to deciding on a tummy tuck, some of them rather frightening in their own sense. Here are a few examples of the more common fears associated with tummy tucks.

    1. Excessive scarring: Given the nature of tummy tuck procedures, scars are ultimately inevitable. However, it is mostly attempted by cosmetic surgeons to place incisions discretely. Scars can be made less prominent and easily hide-able by a skilled and experienced surgeon. The proper use of staples and sutures is directly related to scarring as well.

    2. Physical abnormality following surgery (i.e. loss of bellybutton): There have been many stories over the years of patients who have experienced physical deformity following tummy tuck surgery. This is mostly related to surgery performed by an inexperienced surgeon who has overstretched the skin or trimmed too much flesh away during the surgery. This can also be caused to misplaced sutures or staples.

    3. Permanent nerve and/or organ damage: Between the anesthesia, incisions and tissue removal, the the stapling or stitching of the flesh to rejoin the tissue, nerve damage is not an unlikely after effect of a tummy tuck. Permanent nerve damage, however, occurs more frequently than we would like to admit to, but it is a very real and legitimate fear among many potential, current and past patients of these surgeries.

    If you’re thinking about having a tummy tuck but are feeling at all fearful or apprehensive about any factor of the procedure, you should thoroughly discuss this with your surgeon during a consultation appointment. Better yet – check out a new workout program to tone up your tummy or a new diet plan to help shed those unwanted inches. It’s definitely a better option than liposuction and going under the knife.

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  • The Most Common Liposuction Fears

    One of the major factors that causes hesitation in many potential liposuction patients is, quite simply, fear. Ranging a broad spectrum, these fears can be related to the judgement of others, potential health risks, bad results and more. Since cosmetic surgery is still a relatively new science, there are still many myths surrounding the controversial procedures. These fears are something that should be taken very seriously, by the patient, surgeon, and post-surgery support individuals.

    Given that so many people are openly against any form of cosmetic procedure, one of the most common fears experienced by potential liposuction patients is what others may think of them and their choice to undergo cosmetic surgery. The patient may find themselves afraid of what their boss may think when they ask for time away from work for their surgery, or what their co-workers may think. More common yet is the fear of what one’s family may say or think of the procedure.

    The fear of bad results is very present in just about anyone who has ever considered undergoing liposuction. There is minimal guarantee for patients that the results they see six months after surgery are going to be what they expected in the beginning. Being such an expensive service, it is only natural that patients fear that they could be paying thousands of dollars to end up with their body being sculpted into a less than desirable shape.

    Like surgery of any type, there are dangers and risks involved with liposuction. This is another major fear among patients and a major factor in the decision to undergo surgery. Ranging from minor effects, such as skin discoloration, to major effects like organ and nerve damage, there are many risks involved in these procedures that patients need to be aware of. Your surgeon should cover all of these risks and dangers with you during consultation appointments.

    It is perfectly normal for anyone who is undergoing surgery to experience some kind of fear regarding what could happen during or after that procedure. Your body is being put into a very vulnerable state, and given the elective nature of liposuction surgery, many people suffer internal conflict about willingly putting their body at that kind of risk. You should be sure to discuss your fears and concerns with your surgeon during consultation. Of course, if your fears are holding you back from making that consultation appointment, you might find a trusted friend or family will be a better confidante when it comes to your concerns.

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  • Getting Rid Of Flabby Arms Without Surgery

    The best way to get rid of unwanted fat on any area of the body is by eating healthy and getting lots of exercise. It takes time, dedication and discipline to succeed, but it definitely produces the best results. There are lots of different exercises that can be applied to one’s daily regimen in order to begin removing unwanted arm fat.

    1) Use weights: If you are a walker or jogger, chances are that you move your arms during the exercise. Adding a small weight to each hand during your daily walk or jog and lifting your arms a bit higher and in uniform alternations, you can begin to burn away any excess fat that has found the upper arm to be home.

    2) Push ups: A great exercise for many areas of the upper torso, push ups can be done in a variety of styles in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Each different style works a different area of the arm and torso to a larger degree, but still works the same general zones – the biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper chest, side and back as well as the calf and thigh muscles. Doing them at a quick rate will help increase your heart rate, and thus increase the rate of fat being burned, while a slow rate will help build and tone muscle.

    3) Curls: Using weights is a great way to tone arm muscles. A set of five pound dumb bells used with even repetitions and uniform style will help build and tone muscle on the arms and shoulders. But you can also do curls without dumb bells or weights. You can start just by using the action of moving your arm up and down, as you were curling weights, to begin building muscle and slowly move up to weights. Always be sure to use correct posture and style for your safety and to work towards even results.

    4) Aerobic exercise: Most aerobic exercises involve moving the entire body. Getting the entire circulatory, respiratory and muscular system going at a rate that burns calories and fat will naturally encourage your body to begin removing excess fat tissue in areas where it has deposited. While it remains unspecified, aerobic exercise can help produce great results rather quickly.

    There are many people who are uncomfortable with the shape and tone of their arms, but do not realize how simply it can be rectified. Adding a few simple motions to your daily routine can make all the difference, but it is important to discuss your plans with a physician to ensure they are safe for you.  This can also help you avoid liposuction.

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