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  • Liposuction Procedures Gone Awry

    When Liposuction Goes Wrong The fashion world has decreed that there just isn’t room for flabby abs, bulgy thighs, or love handles. And in response, droves of London citizens are turning to liposuction. With recent studies indicating a soaring growth trend in deaths due to liposuction complications, it’s now becoming critical that you know what you’re getting into before you make a potentially grave mistake. This blog will give you the skinny on why you shouldn’t take the risk.

    Proof In The Numbers

    In our previous blog: “Liposuction Dangers Make International Headlines,” we touched on several famous celebs who revealed the hard-hitting facts about their botched lipo procedures. Web MD recently divulged a report covering a “census survey” where more than 1,200 board-certified plastic surgeons were required to fill out a questionnaire asking about their experience with death due to liposuction procedures. So far, only 900 physicians actually responded, but the findings were absolutely staggering! 130 deaths were reported by the physicians. Not to mention, another study from an issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery indicated that the death rate caused by liposuction form the years 1994 to 1998 was higher in number than the national rate of motor-vehicle accidents!

    Botched Jobs

    If the previous info hasn’t already curbed your lipo enthusiasm, then perhaps Health Library’s story of Lake Tahoe woman, Leah Carlson, will. Leah Carlson, 42, of South Lake Tahoe, California lost 120 pounds, but still felt her hips and thighs were out of proportion, so she signed up for liposuction. Contrary to her doctor’s promises, Carlson’s first liposuction surgery did not produce noticeable results. “I was disappointed and the doctor was disappointed and completely confounded how he could have removed so much fat without any apparent change,” says Carlson. “A few months later he offered to do another surgery at no charge. He thought that since I’d lost so much weight, I may have accumulated very fibrous fat, and so he wanted to try a new tool he proclaimed had achieved excellent results,” Carlson says.

    …The second liposuction procedure for Carlson proved an utter travesty.

    “The surgeon used a cannula he wasn’t trained to use,” says Carlson. “My lymphatic and vascular systems were destroyed, causing the tissue in both inner thighs to die.” Eventually gangrene set in and Carlson was fighting for her life.

    If you’re considering a liposuction procedure in London, Liverpool or Manchester, know the risks! Rather than leave your life to chance, try all-natural weight-loss alternatives that really work!! Don’t risk the perilous consequences!

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  • Liposuction Dangers Make International Headlines

    Weight loss surgeries are gaining international attention due to their dangers
    Weight loss surgeries are gaining international attention due to their dangers

    Last Wednesday, Tameka Raymond, wife of R&B singer Usher, was released from the hospital after an 11 day stay. The reason for her extended hospitalization: Serious complications due to a liposuction procedure.

    While being anesthetized for the operation, Raymond went into cardiac arrest. Doctors were able to revive her, but put her into a 24-hour induced coma to prevent further complications. It was 11 days before she was deemed well enough to return home.

    Raymond is said to be doing much better at this point; however, she is not the first person to make headlines due to a botched cosmetic surgery. Donda West, mother of world-renown hip-hop artist Kanye West, died in 2007 after receiving a joint tummy tuck and breast reduction operation. Ms. West was only 58 years old at the time of her death.

    Doctors in the United Kingdom continue to tell us how safe tummy tucks, liposuction and other weight loss surgeries are, but when celebrities and their families (people who can afford the absolute best in health care without any financial strain) begin to suffer the ill consequences, how can so many people turn a blind eye to the very real dangers?

    As we have mentioned many times before, the risks of cosmetic surgery certainly do exist. Infection, scarring, and – in the most devastating cases – death are not unheard of. Even if doctors are able to prevent death, as with Raymond, the recovery period could be greatly prolonged, creating more than just a slight inconvenience.

    The main problem seems to be that some surgeons do not fully check the condition of their patients before the operation. Each person should be checked to see if they can handle the anesthesia and to see if their heart and other vital organs can handle the strain of the procedure. When a doctor fails to properly assess a patient’s state of health before cosmetic surgery, there is a significantly increased risk for complications.

    Would a proper checkup prevent all injuries and deaths related to liposuction and tummy tucks? Certainly not. But if you still feel the urge to take the risk and have one of these procedures done, make sure your doctor runs every precautionary test at his or her disposal.

    Our staff strongly advises against liposuction, tummy tucks, lipodissolve and other medical or surgical weight loss procedures. It is unrealistic to believe that people will stop having these operations done altogether, so if you or someone you care about decides on one of these options, please make sure proper caution is used.

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  • Cheap Liposuctions are Dangerous in the UK

    Cheap liposuctions should NEVER be considered in the UK
    NEVER consider a cheap UK liposuction

    When you shop for a home, a car, a computer or any other major purchase, do you base your purchase solely on who is offering the lowest price? Of course not! Basing what you buy on the cost alone is a good way to wind up with sub par products that may be expensive or difficult to replace. It’s hard to believe that more people don’t apply this same logic to matters of their health. If “cheap” is so often synonymous with “low quality,” then why is “cheap liposuction” such a popular Internet query in the United Kingdom?

    Think about how most liposuctions are performed: A surgeon makes a small incision in the area where fat is to be removed. This cut is and entry point for the cannula, a hollow tube that sucks unwanted tissue from beneath your skin. The doctor probes inside your body (rather blindly) until an acceptable amount of fat has been removed. After this the patient is instructed on how to take care of him or herself for the next few weeks until the incision has healed and they are back to full strength. With that in mind, it is important that you know as many of the procedure’s risks as you can before you agree to anything.

    Potential Problems with Cheap Liposuction

    Even the most skilled doctors in England and Glasgow make mistakes. A tiny error in the liposuction procedure could lead to injury, infection or death. These problems are much more likely if you choose and unskilled practitioner who is willing to do the surgery for only a few pounds.

    The cannula is one of the most threatening aspects of liposuction. Surgeons cannot be 100% sure what this tube will come into contact with while it is inside the patient. As a result, many people have sustained organ damage over the years due to doctors who did not use the highest level of caution. Doctors who offer liposuction at bargain prices may be more prone to rush the job, causing a much greater risk that one of your vital organs will be damaged.

    Many are not aware that doctors in the UK often reuse cannulas for years, sometimes on hundreds of different patients. While these devices are supposed to be properly sterilized before each procedure, a surgeon may feel less inclined to properly carry out this tedious, sometimes expensive process for a patient who is not able to pay as much for an operation. This could increase the risk of infection and blood borne diseases to unpredictable levels.

    The long list of known problems associated with liposuction includes issues like allergic reactions to anesthesia, damage to the skin, damage to the nerves, and extended healing time. These can all happen even when you leave the procedure in the hands of the most skilled plastic surgeon in the UK! When you put cost over quality in your decision process, you run the risk of receiving a  botched operation that puts your looks and your health in serious danger.

    Weighing Your UK Weight Loss Options

    The average cost of a liposuction in the United Kingdom is £3,358. This is the absolute lowest we recommend paying for the procedure. If a reputable plastic surgeon costs even more than this, it is advisable you choose him or her over a lesser known doctor offering surgery at the average cost.

    If this is out of your price range and diet and exercise aren’t helping, you do still have affordable options available to you. There are plenty of all-natural topical solutions – such as gels, lotions and wraps – that can significantly reduce the appearance of unwanted skin, fat and cellulite. These can be applied almost anywhere on the body and have worked wonders for many people in the UK. If you do some research, you can easily find a safe, affordable topical solution that will work for you.

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