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  • Tara Reid’s Liposuction Nightmare

    Tara Reid speaks out against liposuctionThere’s no question about it, liposuction can be a very dangerous procedure to undergo. We’ve heard about the wife of R&B superstar Usher, Tameka Raymond, who suffered major complication after a liposuction procedure earlier this year. Botched liposuction jobs have been highly present in the media for many years. Tabloid magazines have, on more than one occasion, featured bad liposuction on the bellies of various stars as their cover story. Some stars, such as Tara Reid, have decided to speak out about their negative experiences with cosmetic surgery, while many others deny any involvement.

    Tara Reid interviewed with US Weekly regarding her liposuction and breast augmentation nightmare in 2006. She explains that she was not attracted to liposuction because she wanted to reduce the fat content of her abdomen, but because she wanted a six pack. Tara underwent body contouring, which left her stomach with uneven ripples and bulges. After both her liposuction and breast augmentation ended up leaving her scarred and misshapen, Tara experienced depression and self consciousness.

    It took her over a year to finally undergo corrective cosmetic surgery. Tara told US Weekly that she was frightened of the potential results of her corrective surgery, that she might end up with further botching of her body. Luckily, she found Dr. Steven Svehlak – a highly qualified, excessively certified and vastly skilled cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California.

    Dr. Svehlak explained that he had to spend over three hours operating on Ms. Reid while she was under the effects of general anesthesia. He had to remove excess skin in order to even out the previous surgery and use fine sculpting techniques in order to correct the botching.

    Part of Tara’s nightmare involved a 2004 incident where her breast was exposed for the world to see following her breast augmentation. Photographs of her breast, accompanied by degrading comments, were found abundantly all over the web. Shortly after, her career came crashing down around her.

    Luckily, Tara Reid is among those in the world that can afford a follow-up surgery in order to correct a botched job. Most people cannot, and very few cosmetic surgeons guarantee their work. This is an extremely important factor to be considered by anyone who is thinking about going under the knife, and an excellent reason to look further into liposuction alternatives such as The Natural Sculpting System. Worst case scenario? The product fails, you move on. No scars, no bumps, no lumps.

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  • How Liposuction Could Kill You

    Cheap liposuctions should NEVER be considered in the UK

    Cheap liposuctions should NEVER be considered in the UK

    There is certainly no denying that liposuction is a safer procedure now, in 2009, than it was twenty years ago. Complications associated with the surgery are becoming fewer and further between, and it’s easy to be lulled into a sense of security with these facts regarding liposuction. Many people are of the frame of mind that liposuction is now safe, that one cannot experience the same complications that once put many lives at risk. In reality, liposuction and many other invasive cosmetic surgeries are not entirely risk-free. Every surgical procedure involves risks, and being of a cosmetic nature does not exempt liposuction from those risks.

    There are many outlets all around us that wish us to believe that surgery is safe, especially surgery of cosmetic origins. We want to believe that the procedure we are spending thousands of dollars on will not, cannot, harm us in any way. Unfortunately, this is untrue and the horror stories you might hear about on television or read on the Internet are very real. Complications occur in more patients than we would care to admit.

    The dangers of liposuction span a broad spectrum, from allergic reactions to internal organ and tissue damage. Nearly every one of these examples lists death as a potential effect due to the complication referred to. On average, one in five hundred liposuction patients will die from complications related to their cosmetic surgery. Here are some examples of what causes these deaths.

    • Allergic reaction. Ultimately, the risk of allergic reaction is present in any surgery. It could be an allergic reaction to anesthesia or to other medications used during the procedure. There are tests that can be performed to judge a person’s susceptibility to some of these reactions, but many are by chance. There’s no way to know if you may suffer an allergic reaction until you have been administered a particular substance for the first time. Unfortunately, sometimes the first time is too late. If a severe reaction occurs, it could cause swelling of the air ways or even cardiac arrest.
    • Bacterial infection. Bacterial infection can begin before, during or after surgery. If suspected and tested early enough, most bacterial infections can be treated with use of antibiotics and have no adverse effects. When bacterial infections are not caught early enough, the infection may spread through the blood stream and complications may arise.
    • Perforation damage. There are a lot of major organs in the abdominal area alone, and considering that liposuction can be performed on just about any part of the body, patients needs to carefully consider the danger they are placing their bodies in. The movements used during liposuction in combination with the cannula, the suction tool used to remove fat, are an equation for damage. While this sort of damage is far more common among inexperienced surgeons, it still happens and can be very fatal, especially if damage occurs to the lungs, heart, liver or intestines. If the damage is caught early enough, it may be corrected with a secondary surgery.

    Because of the evolutions in medical technology in recent years, deaths among liposuction patients are starting to occur fewer and further between, but this does not eliminate the risk. The best way to avoid putting yourself at such risks as the ones mentioned above is to say no to liposuction, or any other invasive cosmetic surgery performed.

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  • The Most Common Liposuction Fears

    One of the major factors that causes hesitation in many potential liposuction patients is, quite simply, fear. Ranging a broad spectrum, these fears can be related to the judgement of others, potential health risks, bad results and more. Since cosmetic surgery is still a relatively new science, there are still many myths surrounding the controversial procedures. These fears are something that should be taken very seriously, by the patient, surgeon, and post-surgery support individuals.

    Given that so many people are openly against any form of cosmetic procedure, one of the most common fears experienced by potential liposuction patients is what others may think of them and their choice to undergo cosmetic surgery. The patient may find themselves afraid of what their boss may think when they ask for time away from work for their surgery, or what their co-workers may think. More common yet is the fear of what one’s family may say or think of the procedure.

    The fear of bad results is very present in just about anyone who has ever considered undergoing liposuction. There is minimal guarantee for patients that the results they see six months after surgery are going to be what they expected in the beginning. Being such an expensive service, it is only natural that patients fear that they could be paying thousands of dollars to end up with their body being sculpted into a less than desirable shape.

    Like surgery of any type, there are dangers and risks involved with liposuction. This is another major fear among patients and a major factor in the decision to undergo surgery. Ranging from minor effects, such as skin discoloration, to major effects like organ and nerve damage, there are many risks involved in these procedures that patients need to be aware of. Your surgeon should cover all of these risks and dangers with you during consultation appointments.

    It is perfectly normal for anyone who is undergoing surgery to experience some kind of fear regarding what could happen during or after that procedure. Your body is being put into a very vulnerable state, and given the elective nature of liposuction surgery, many people suffer internal conflict about willingly putting their body at that kind of risk. You should be sure to discuss your fears and concerns with your surgeon during consultation. Of course, if your fears are holding you back from making that consultation appointment, you might find a trusted friend or family will be a better confidante when it comes to your concerns.

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