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  • Dangers of Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy

    With any lipoalternative treatment there will be side effects and occasional dangers to be aware of.  Both Lipodissolve and mesotherapy have side effects, but there has never been a documented death from the two in the US.  There are more side effects from mesotherapy than Lipodissolve.  Keep in mind, that although there are some side effects to be warned of, they are considerably minor compared to liposuction and plastic surgery.

    Few websites mention the dangers of these lipoalternatives, as they want you to purchase their product or procedure, but any website that does not care enough about your well being is a site to avoid.  Both of these treatments have been shown to be “safe” alternative treatments for liposuction.  Lipodissolve has fewer side effects than mesotherapy and is considerably less painful.

    Side Effects to be Concerned with:

    Even though these lipoalternatives are less invasive than plastic surgery, some people will have side effects.  These procedures are not for everyone and home natural solutions should be contemplated first before attempting these procedures.  Natural solutions would include diet and exercise.

    There may be some stinging and soreness after the injections and depending on your threshold of pain, some pain medicine may be prescribed.  Some of the minor side effects would be swelling, bruising, redness, burning sensation and tenderness.  There may occasionally be some itching and skin discoloration, but this will return back to normal in just a short time.  There have been some cases of inflammation after the procedures.  If this happens, use a warm and cold compress to relieve the inflammation.  If a fever accompanies the inflammation, then contact your doctor for his advice.

    Make sure that you only use a doctor who is board certified to perform these procedures.  Ask to see his credentials, education, training and the amount of times he has performed such a treatment.  It is a good ideal prior to starting this protocol to have an allergy test done also.  With proper education you can avoid clinics that use poor sanitary methods.

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  • Leptoprin Derivatives


    Diet pills are not the answer!

    It’s safe to say now that Leptoprin has been confirmed as a scam product that does not work. It contains a long list of ingredients that causes users to suffer a number of unwanted side effects, but it seems that most reviews fail to contain any positive light in regards to the effectiveness of the drug. Many people consider Leptoprin as an alternative to liposuction and other forms of cosmetic surgery. Leptoprin is a diet pill to be avoided because of one of it’s key ingredients – Ephedra. This has now been widely accepted amongst consumers of the weight loss pill industry, but there are many products becoming widely available that are derived from the scientific formula of Leptoprin. Here are some Leptoprin derivatives you should be aware of.

    1) Leptopril. Made available by Generix Laboratories, Leptopril is essentially the same treatment plan as Leptoprin but for a portion of the price. Some speculate that this was an ingenious agreement designed by Leptopril manufacturers Klein-Becker to bring in more revenue by targeting citizens of lower and mid range income levels. The known ingredients of the two pills seem to be virtually identical.

    2) Anorex. Another speculated scheme by Klein-Becker, Anorex seems to be the same thing as Leptopril in comparison to Leptoprin – the identical product with different packaging. The consumer reviews of Anorex show a mixture of dissatisfaction and pleasure with the product. However, Anorex has been marketed to an entirely different group of consumers: those who are more likely to take extreme measures to lose weight, so the reported effects are suspected to have little to do with the actual drug.

    3) Leptoprin-SF. A.G. Waterhouse, a subsidiary of Klein-Becker, has marketed Leptoprin-SF as a stimulant free holistic supplement to encourage weight loss for the significantly overweight. Like it’s original formula, Leptoprin-SF’s effectiveness is claimed to be proven in clinical trials, however, these claims were discounted by another clinical study published in Current Therapeutic Research. They reported no significant difference in the weight loss experienced by the group taking the supplement and the placebo group.

    Leptoprin and all of its derivatives have pretty well been concluded to be useless, producing minimal results, if any at all. There are many other weight loss pills and treatments on the market today available to you as easily as any of the aforementioned pills. In addition, like liposuction, this pill can cause more problems than it solves. As you can clearly see, this treatment plan is not worth the money it costs.

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  • The After effects of a Botched Tummy Tuck

    Tummy tuck complications can kill you

    Tummy tuck complications can kill you

    For many people, a single factor causes them to think twice before undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, and that is botching. A botched tummy tuck is perhaps the single most frightening aspect that a prospective patient has to consider. Most surgeons do not guarantee aftereffects, especially the ones that know they are not as experienced, so you could find yourself short several thousand dollars. Even more devastating is that the patient winds up paying that astronomical figure for a bad result.

    Botching describes negative after effects of a cosmetic procedure. This can occur for a wide variety of reasons, from lack of experience or skill on the surgeon’s part or due to a lack of proper preparation on the end of the patient. In other cases, the patient was not properly assessed for eligibility and their skin or body did not take well to the effects of the surgery, causing unsightly results. There are a wide array of effects that can occur due to a botched tummy tuck.

    • Loss or disfiguration of bellybutton. This is one of the most common fears expressed in regards to tummy tucks. “I’m afraid I’ll lose my bellybutton.” This takes place when the skin is not properly placed when the tummy tuck is performed. It can also be caused if some form of weight loss or fat reduction should have occurred prior to surgery. This can only be fixed with additional corrective surgery, which could mean that you end up doubling your investment.
    • Excessive, misplaced scarring. One of the techniques cosmetic surgeons are supposed to be very adept at is carefully placing incisions so that scars remain as inconspicuous as possible. Sadly, there are many cases where botched tummy tucks have included excessive scars, far larger than they were required to be. Another common effect is misplacement, where incisions are made in clearly visible spots. Most patients do not want to boast the fact that they underwent surgery to obtain their figure, and thus incision placement is paramount.
    • Nerve damage. During abdominoplasty, the skin and muscle tissues are separated, which means that the nerve endings are also being separated. Loss of feeling and nerve damage is common after a tummy tuck, but normally it returns after a few months’ time. Some botched cases have seen patients never fully regaining feeling in their incision area.

    Botched tummy tucks are far too common for comfort, and can cause death in severe cases. If you’re considering abdominoplasty, be sure to thoroughly research your surgeon and the reviews of his/her work. A good, reputable surgeon should be more than happy to have a few consultations with you and thoroughly go over your risk factor for negative results.

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