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  • Avoid Liposuction Fears with Lipo Alternatives

    Fear is a word we all live with whether it is the fear of elevators or the fear of an elective surgery such as liposuction.  Why is liposuction so scary? What are the true facts involved with liposuction procedures?  The truth is liposuction does have a real danger for death.  19 out of every 100,000 procedures will end in death.  That is 3 more than will die in a car accident.  Now that is scary.  25% of all liposuction procedures will have complications and 7% will be major.

    These fears are something that should be taken very seriously, by the patient, surgeon, and post-surgery support individuals. Although you are positive that you will not be one of the 19 that die, are you so sure you will not be one of those with permanent disfigurements?  Some are left with lumping stomach effects that make you look fatter or an infection so bad that you will need a second or third operation.

    Most fears of liposuction can be limited by choosing a hospital, doctor or clinic based on experience rather than money.  Choosing a doctor that is the cheapest may just cause you to have more side effects and complications and end up costing you more than the best doctor in Europe.  Common sense should play a major part in whatever decision you make.

    Any surgery is dangerous where you go under general anesthesia.  It is better to choose a clinic or doctor who will use a local anesthesia and not too many procedures at once. Statistics have shown us that these are the reasons for the most mistakes or complications involving liposuction procedures.

    Cosmetic Surgery DisastersCelebrity bloopers here

    The fear of bad results is very present in just about anyone who has ever considered undergoing liposuction. There is minimal guarantee for patients that the results they see six months after surgery are going to be what they expected in the beginning. Being such an expensive service, it is only natural that patients fear that they could be paying thousands of dollars to end up with their body being sculpted into a less than desirable shape.

    Yes, it is normal to have fears, but then if you are going to contemplate the truth here, then it must be stated that there are alternative to liposuction, such as eating correctly and changing your lifestyle.  Walking an hour a day or jumping on a trampoline to increase lymph flow with help you to be healthy and in good shape.  But many in the end will prefer to go the easy route of having a cosmetic procedure done.

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  • Are Body Wraps a good liposuction alternative

    Liposuction alternatives can help you lose weight.

    Achieving weight loss through body wraps is not only possible but inexpensively done.  The ideal of body wraps is to remove toxins from the body and thus make you look both younger and healthier.  It will clean the skin, restore minerals, soften the skin and reduce minor joint pains.  Many spas will do these body wraps, which typically last one hour for around $40, but you can do them in the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.  Before attempting to do a body wrap, you must take a warm shower before the procedure, to open the pores up.

    Body wraps will help you to lose the weight and inches, but it should be noted that this reduction will be temporary and then the at home treatment will need to be redone. Body wraps are great for both men and women and thankfully body wraps are simple enough to do that even a teenager can apply them.  Body wraps can be a good alternative to liposuction.

    One simple recipe calls only for clay and salt, although more difficult wraps also add herbs, nutritive additives, and essential oils. Experts recommend bathing before the wrap, and drinking additional glasses of water both before and after the wrap in order to maximize the results. Also try and avoid all caffeine, soft drinks, fried foods and sugar.
    A body wrap works by absorbing excess fluids and contaminants from your skin and compressing them away. The wraps help open the pores so that the wrap can then absorb what is flushed out. It is important to note, however, that the better a particular body wrap works the drier one’s skin will be for the first 48 hours or so after it is complete.
    Here are the things needed for an at home body wrap:

    • Massage table or a flat table to use
    • Crock Pot
    • 10 cotton cloths or ace bandages with clasp pins
    • 1 large roll of plastic
    • Wool blanket
    • Heating pad
    • Sea salt for the body scrub
    • Moisturizer to use after the body wrap
    • Cotton Robe

    Applying a body wrap at home is not as daunting a task as it may sound. The steps are simple: (more…)

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  • No Liposuction know these 3 Top Risk Factors

    Liposuction alternatives are better than this!

    Liposuction is an elective invasive procedure.  Although around 80% of patients are happy with the end results, 40% of the patients wished they had researched more before beginning this sometimes fatal procedure.  Many women will decide to do this surgery hoping for good health and longevity, but the truth is liposuction does not improve cardiac health; it is a cosmetic surgery only.

    When choosing a doctor, look for the person who cares more about your overall health than he does his pocketbook.  The doctor, who turns away business due to the fact that the woman is just too heavy to benefit from this sometimes dangerous procedure, is the doctor to listen to more intensely.  Liposuction is sometimes good for women with a little weight that needs to be removed. For the very obese, they must seek other alternatives.

    Like any surgery, the normal risk factors include complications from surgery, like infection, swelling, inflammation, allergic/abnormal reactions to tools or implements used reaction to medications, and more. Bruising, tenderness, and swelling are very common, and can cause fever, nausea, and similar side effects. This is especially true for the first few weeks after surgery. For many people, there are side effects, but for some, they can be severe.

    Is Liposuction Deadly?

    According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), most people are satisfied with liposuction’s outcome, but there are more deaths from Liposuction than any other cosmetic procedure.  In fact it is more deadly than being in a car accident.  16.1 people per 100,000 are killed in car accidents and 19 people per 100,000 are killed with liposuction.  Most of the people die from blood clots after the surgery and many could have been saved with a little more knowledge.

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