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  • The Scoop on Lipodissolve



    Lipodissolve is a very common alternative to many different forms of invasive surgical cosmetic procedures. It is non-invasive and much safer than liposuction, and can be a very effective way to remove fat deposits and eliminate cellulite. As a matter of fact, it is one of the only proven ways of getting rid of fat for good, since it completely destroys the fat cells.

    Keep in mind that, although Lipodissolve is a completely legal means of losing weight, not all ingredients are FDA-approved. Oddly enough, there is no set ingredient list to Lipodissolve, and different practitioners do things according to their own specifications. Ingredients are also distinctly unique for the area affected, and Lipodissolve on love handles may be drastically different than the concoction used for stretch marks or upper arms.

    Procedures similar to Lipodissolve include mesotherapy, lipolysis, injection lipolysis, and/or lipostabil. Some of these treatments are virtually identical to Lipodissolve. Like this procedure, many are not technically FDA-approved but are legal and often very effective. Though side effects can be painful and difficult in some cases, many are mild and go away after just a few short weeks.

    The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will not approve this procedure until more is known about exactly how it works. Though we know that it technically works by liquefying fat cells and removing them, it is unclear where these liquefied fat cells go or what potential damage they could do to bodily organs. In addition, there is no definitive answer to questions regarding where the medication goes after it does its job. Questions like these will have to be answered in order for more health-care professionals to feel safe using Lipodissolve.

    The cost of Lipodissolve varies by doctor and location, and up to six treatments are often needed in order to see maximum results. At as much as $1,500 per session, this can quickly become a very costly way to reduce a very small fat pocket. Lipodissolve is not for large fatty deposits, and these patients need not consider this as an effective treatment option.

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  • Is Liposuction Viable?

    There are many areas of the body that can be treated with liposuction in order to have those stubborn pockets of fat, the ones that won’t go away with exercise and diets, removed from the body by surgical means. With the progression of technology and the improvement of safety techniques being practiced during these procedures, it is now possible for more areas of the body to be treated with liposuction than ever before.

    Considering Liposuction & Alternatives

    When considering undergoing liposuction, it is very important to give consideration to the area of the body to be treated. Some areas of the body are more easily treated than others, although liposuction can be performed on the vast majority of the body. Usually, liposuction is accurately associated with being performed on the buttocks, lower abdomen, thighs, hips and waist. The breasts, neck, and upper arms are also commonly treated areas. These areas of the body see the best results from liposuction, with the best rate of healing and scars are easily hidden in these zones. Liposuction can also be performed on other areas of the body, but it requires a talented and experienced surgeon to produce great results.  Many people simply elect to consider liposuction alternatives as they are concerned about scarring and side affects.

    Most Effective

    Liposuction is known to be most effective in areas of softer tissue, where the body tends to collect pockets of fat and cellulite commonly gathers. Many patients opt for their procedures to treat the lower abdomen, thighs and buttocks above others since the scars are most easily hidden here and these areas of the body can prove to be very challenging to shape with exercise.

    This is a procedure that is most effective when there is only a moderate amount of fat tissue to be removed from a soft tissue area, like the aforementioned torso zones. Those with extreme amounts of excess weight may find difficulty healing, or find that they have a lot of loose skin after the healing process is complete. It is important to remember that liposuction is meant to help tone and shape the body, not substitute the effort that is required to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

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  • Natural Cellulite-Melting Massage

    Cellulite, it’s a problem for many people in the UK. If you’re self-conscience about the way you look and tend to avoid wearing a swim suit at all costs, it may be time to start looking at natural cellulite-removing massage methods. Most people don’t know you can take steps toward eliminating cellulite just by getting intense massage treatments! So if you’re worried about cellulite, know that it can be very easy to remove by simply massaging an area of the skin with large amounts of pressure.

    Remove Cellulite with cellulite massage

    Remove Cellulite with cellulite massage

    How It Works
    Lymphatic massage, AKA “cellulite massage,” works the muscles and skin on certain parts of the body in such a way that the cellulite will actually begin to slowly break up with time. Using a cellulite massager or getting a professional cellulite message will cause the cellulite to break up and eventually flush out through the kidneys and bowels. With rigorous massage over time, dimpled skin will likely melt away.

    Why It Works
    The cellulite removal & skin repairing is only possible due to the massage’s powerful body repairing properties, which help to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. These two factors play a large role in both cellulite reduction and accumulation.

    Where To Go
    If you’re looking to start cellulite message treatment, there’s tons of options. The most obvious place are spas and specialized cellulite clinics. If you prefer to do the messages in the privacy of your home, you can also purchase a number of different hand-held cellulite massagers.

    When Do I Start Seeing Results?
    Keep in mind is that you’ll need more than one cellulite massage treatment. The process takes time and requires regular massage schedules. To find out more about a schedule that works for you, talk to a cellulite massage “specialist” in the United Kingdom and ask what type of treatment schedule is right for you.

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