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Day 9:44 pm

  • Gentle Weightloss Procedures – BodyTite

    A BodyTite procedure is a relatively new medical treatment that helps remove excess fats without the need for surgery. It is just one of the new alternatives to liposuction procedures that are fast gaining popularity among people searching for a quick solution to their weight problems.

    BodyTite uses a revolutionary way of achieving weight loss through the use of radio frequencies. The equipment is place directly over the target area, melting and disrupting fat cells eventually breaking them down. A small incision is then made to remove the waste products of the procedure.

    The weight loss treatment produces lesser side effects compared to traditional liposuction. Skin trauma, swelling and pain are just some of the common complaints voiced by liposuction patients. BodyTite procedures require no surgeries making it totally safe and painless. People who use BodyTite could be discharged immediately after treatment without the need for long recovery periods.

    Liposuction is the best way of removing large amount of excess fats in the body. But this often results to sagging and wrinkled skin where fats have been removed. BodyTite does not only remove fats but also tightens the skin right after. It produces a more natural look and leaves your skin virtually untouched.

    BodyTite removes cellulite deposits by producing heat that deeply penetrates the skin. This could be targeted over certain areas of the body breaking down stubborn fat. This brings back the body’s natural curves and contour. Results are readily visible and patients could return to their normal daily activities instantly.

    The number of BodyTite treatments depends on the amount of fats to be removed. It usually requires multiple treatments before desired results could be achieved. The amount of cellulite deposits it can be removed is limited, helping people achieve a slimmer figure gradually.

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