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  • Basic Body Wrap Recipe

    Useful ingredients to add to your body wrap

    Body wraps are one of the most versatile beauty and health treatments available today. It could be used for a variety of purposes depending on what type of body wrap is used. Common benefits include skin care, weight loss, detoxification and it is also an effective relaxation technique. There are different ingredients that go in a body wrap recipe. Common ingredients used include seaweed, mud, clay and natural herbs.

    A body wrap recipe depends on what type of purpose the body wrap is to be used for. Those looking for an effective way of removing toxins from their body could use clay. Ingredients could be incorporated in the body wrap or simply applied directly over the skin. Some may even use milk or chocolate on their treatments depending on what a client specifically asks.

    A common ingredient used in a body wrap recipe is clay which is an excellent for detoxification. Different types of clay could be used depending on the person’s type of skin. The body wrap ingredient is prepared by first boiling two cups of water and adding a cup of clay. A quarter cup of sea salt along with two tablespoons of olive oil is then added to the mixture.

    The next step is to prepare for the body wrap treatment. This can be done by taking a hot shower and removing dead skin by gently scrubbing it. After taking a shower apply the clay over your skin. Then get pieces of towel and wrap them around the areas covered by the clay mixture. Secure the towels over these areas gently until you could feel a slight pressure. Lie over a flat mattress or any where you could stretch your body for around one hour. Take a shower and rinse off the remaining clay mixture to end the treatment.

    Performing body wraps at home is easy. All you have to do is get a body wrap recipe and a few sets of towels. Ingredients to be used depend on what type of treatment the body wrap is to be used for. For people who plan on using this as a weight loss treatment, lemongrass or other essential oils could help them breakdown cellulite deposits.

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