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  • BodyTite (TM)

    Each year, new and improved liposuction techniques are introduced to the general public. Some are worthwhile, and actual contributions to society, in particular to the medical field, while others are fads that will quickly fade away into oblivion. Although this year is still new, with less than two weeks gone, there is already a “new” addition to the host of procedures that can be performed by doctors and plastic surgeons across the world.

    BodytiteTM is a new technique, similar to laser technology, which melts fat without having to delve into surgical procedures. It uses a probe to melt away fatty tissue, much like traditional liposuction for body contouring, but the scarring is minimal and the whole procedure is minimally invasive at worst. General anesthesia is still required, and there are a few risks and a price tag to match, as is normally the case.

    The biggest advantage of this new technology is the fact that bleeding is at an extremely low level, and the device used to melt the fat actually makes the blood vessels coagulate as well, meaning that blood loss is no longer a serious issue. Although the device uses heat to coagulate, this portion of the device is protected, and burns are not a concern.

    Due to the minimally invasive techniques utilized in this application of heat technology, recovery time is also minimal, meaning that downtime is low and a normal routine can be achieved in just days in many cases. Unlike standard body contouring procedures that still have side effects up to several weeks or months later, scarring is minimal, and there is little bruising, swelling, inflammation, or tenderness in the area after just a few days.

    Because the procedure is very new, there are not a tremendous amount of reliable reviews regarding the efficiency, success, and long-term results of the procedure overall. It takes time for consumers to have the procedure, and then offer opinions that can be verified reasonably. In the same way, it takes time for plastic surgeons to use the technique and then offer their expert opinions regarding its efficiency and reliability.

    If you are considering BodytiteTM or similar body contouring technique, be sure to review the procedure thoroughly. Make an appointment with your doctor to get more detailed information, and do not hesitate to ask questions, especially about gray areas. You are trusting your body to a plastic surgeon, but you are the one who has to live with the results, whether you like them or not.

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