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  • Common Liposuction Fees

    Can you afford liposuction?

    Can you afford liposuction?

    Liposuction has many hidden costs and fees, and many people only consider the cost of the procedure itself when they begin to try and work it into their budget. The actual cost of a lipo procedure varies depending on a few factors, such as:

    * Where you live. Some large cities cost more than small towns, often because of the level of expertise you get in a larger city. Sometimes, less is not more, and cheap is almost never good when you talk about surgery. After all, you get what you pay for!

    * Where you are having the procedure. While some patients may be able to utilize a doctor’s office or exam room, which would be cheaper, most will require an outpatient stay at the hospital. Again, a large hospital will generally cost more, since they offer much more, especially in the areas of post- and pre-operative care, medicines, and life-saving intervention devices.

    * Who is performing the surgery. The surgeon is one of the biggest affecting factors of the overall cost. It is always a good idea to opt for the pricier surgeons, since they likely have more experience, and that is never a bad thing when dealing with surgery. A cheap surgeon may seem like a good idea for your budget, but your body is more important.

    * What medications become necessary for your recovery. While these costs are small relatively speaking, they are still a factor for some people.

    * When the surgery is done. For some surgeons, the age of the patient affects the cost, since patients that fall within certain age brackets may see more complications than others. Most commonly, middle-aged patients fare the best, since they are developing age-related problems and benefit most in many cases, but older patients also are beginning to see the need for a renewal. This older generation does not tend to fare as well, either during surgery or after, and results may not be as genuine-looking.

    * How often the surgery must be repeated. Liposuction is almost never a one-time cure-all. It is absolutely critical to maintain a healthy weight, diet, and exercise regularly in order to see maximum results for as long as possible.

    Now that you’ve seen a good number of the potential costs involved with liposuction, you will be better able to begin to decide whether surgery is the right choice for you. Just remember to choose a professional and head into the consultation with realistic expectations.

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