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  • Body Contouring With UltraShape

    UltraShape can replace liposuction

    UltraShape can replace liposuction

    Those considering a variety of body contouring procedures often fear the knife and recovery time afterward. However, they often choose to follow through with the procedure in order to improve their looks and self-image. Ugly fat deposits, hanging skin, and flab make us feel unattractive, especially if we have worked very hard to lose weight through traditional or surgical means. In some cases, diet and exercise are not enough to get rid of the excess skin and flabby areas, and we almost feel like our efforts have been in vain.

    UltraShape offers a way to shape your body without the need for painful surgery with long recovery periods and expensive price tags. This procedure is completely non-invasive, meaning that absolutely no surgery is required, a definite bonus. UltraShape is designed to get rid of fat pockets and reduce the circumference of your body without needles and scalpels.

    This procedure is done as an outpatient treatment, and there is no recovery time needed. Many patients see immediate results, and maximum results can be seen after only three visits. In fact, most report a change of nearly 10 centimeters at the end of the third treatment. Clinical trials report a difference varying between four and ten centimeters overall, and more than one area can be treated in the same visit.

    Ultrasound waves are the secret behind UltraShape technology. The ultrasound waves break down the fat cells effectively without doing any damage to other body parts. Your body then does the rest, and eliminates the disrupted fat cells without a problem.

    Unlike liposuction, the results seen from this procedure last for a long time. Instead of having to come back for the same surgery in a few years, the fat stays away as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise program and take care of yourself. All this is without the need for sedation or anesthesia, without a hospital stay, and with no recovery time necessary. As soon as you leave, you can get back to your life.

    Instead of choosing painful and expensive plastic surgery, choose a procedure that works with your body’s own natural metabolism. UltraShape may be the solution for you. Consult a doctor in your area to find out where it is offered and what it will cost for your body contouring needs. Above all, make sure that it is right for you as an individual patient.

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