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  • How Liposuction Could Kill You

    Cheap liposuctions should NEVER be considered in the UK

    Cheap liposuctions should NEVER be considered in the UK

    There is certainly no denying that liposuction is a safer procedure now, in 2009, than it was twenty years ago. Complications associated with the surgery are becoming fewer and further between, and it’s easy to be lulled into a sense of security with these facts regarding liposuction. Many people are of the frame of mind that liposuction is now safe, that one cannot experience the same complications that once put many lives at risk. In reality, liposuction and many other invasive cosmetic surgeries are not entirely risk-free. Every surgical procedure involves risks, and being of a cosmetic nature does not exempt liposuction from those risks.

    There are many outlets all around us that wish us to believe that surgery is safe, especially surgery of cosmetic origins. We want to believe that the procedure we are spending thousands of dollars on will not, cannot, harm us in any way. Unfortunately, this is untrue and the horror stories you might hear about on television or read on the Internet are very real. Complications occur in more patients than we would care to admit.

    The dangers of liposuction span a broad spectrum, from allergic reactions to internal organ and tissue damage. Nearly every one of these examples lists death as a potential effect due to the complication referred to. On average, one in five hundred liposuction patients will die from complications related to their cosmetic surgery. Here are some examples of what causes these deaths.

    • Allergic reaction. Ultimately, the risk of allergic reaction is present in any surgery. It could be an allergic reaction to anesthesia or to other medications used during the procedure. There are tests that can be performed to judge a person’s susceptibility to some of these reactions, but many are by chance. There’s no way to know if you may suffer an allergic reaction until you have been administered a particular substance for the first time. Unfortunately, sometimes the first time is too late. If a severe reaction occurs, it could cause swelling of the air ways or even cardiac arrest.
    • Bacterial infection. Bacterial infection can begin before, during or after surgery. If suspected and tested early enough, most bacterial infections can be treated with use of antibiotics and have no adverse effects. When bacterial infections are not caught early enough, the infection may spread through the blood stream and complications may arise.
    • Perforation damage. There are a lot of major organs in the abdominal area alone, and considering that liposuction can be performed on just about any part of the body, patients needs to carefully consider the danger they are placing their bodies in. The movements used during liposuction in combination with the cannula, the suction tool used to remove fat, are an equation for damage. While this sort of damage is far more common among inexperienced surgeons, it still happens and can be very fatal, especially if damage occurs to the lungs, heart, liver or intestines. If the damage is caught early enough, it may be corrected with a secondary surgery.

    Because of the evolutions in medical technology in recent years, deaths among liposuction patients are starting to occur fewer and further between, but this does not eliminate the risk. The best way to avoid putting yourself at such risks as the ones mentioned above is to say no to liposuction, or any other invasive cosmetic surgery performed.

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