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  • Mesotherapy

    Mesotherapy is becoming increasingly common as a body sculpting procedure in North America. It’s been around in Europe for decades and has been actively used there for many years. In fact, mesotherapy was developed by Michel Pistor, a French doctor, during the 1950’s. Now, nearly sixty years later, you’ll find many different variations of the initial procedure including lipodissolve, MesoGlow, MesoPeel, and MesoBoost. All use the same basic science – a combination of vitamins, minerals, medication and amino acid help to dissolve and separate fat calls, reducing the appearance of excess fat tissue.

    Mesotherapy is a procedure that is always administered using injections. While some practitioners prefer to use a hand-held syringe, others opt to use a mesotherapy injection gun. Both are used to inject a combination of ingredients into the mesoderm, the bottom layer of skin. This is just slightly deeper than where a tattoo would be placed.

    It’s important to recognize that mesotherapy is not like other surgical procedures. A reasonably healthy lifestyle is required in order to maintain the results of mesotherapy procedures. In these procedures, fat tissue is not removed like it is with liposuction. It is simply reduced and separated. Because of this, patients must realize that the full potential for the unwanted tissue to re-coagulate and thus, undo the procedure entirely. With healthy eating habits and frequent exercise, mesotherapy is a great jump start to re-sculpting the body.

    Used for so much more than just body shaping and sculpting, mesotherapy has proved useful in treating injuries, physical ailments and skin conditions. Because the solution that is injected is a custom-made cocktail for every patient, the ingredients each mesotherapist uses differ from patient to patient according to his or her personal ailments.

    Mesotherapy takes place over a series of sessions. Treatments for physical injuries can be completed in as few as five sessions, whereas body sculpting can take fifteen or more sessions. In North America, session costs range from $200-$600 USD and the initial consultation may be charged at a rate anywhere from $25 – $350 USD. While it may seem costly, this is often a less expensive option when compared to liposuction or gastric bypass. In Europe, these procedures tend to cost less since mesotherapy is an established practice there.

    While mesotherapy is available in other parts of the world, it is best known and accepted in North American and European countries. Procedures and treatments are available to healthy adults, generally between the ages of 18 and 80. People with a history of complicated medical ailments or stroke, blood clots and kidney disease are not ideal candidates. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or may become pregnant should not consider mesotherapy.

    Be sure to discuss your goals with your mesotherapist at your consultation. He or she can explain what results you can expect and if your ideals are reasonable. Together, you can create a plan that includes treatment sessions, a balanced diet and active living to help you reach your weight goals.

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  • Lifestyle Changes – Diet and Exercise

    While attempting weight loss, most people don’t consider that the lifestyle changes they are making should be permanent.They want a temporary action for a permanent fix. Losing abdominal inches can be done with a temporary solution like dieting. Keeping those inches off requires a lifestyle change.

    Diets that advertise “No Special Foods! No Exercise!” are cause for suspicion. Some of these products include ingredients such as diet suppresants, which can be dangerous.

    The most success comes when a person approaching weight loss decides that it’s time to change the way they live as well. You’ll see them reaching for a vegetable tray instead of the cake, drinking water instead of soda and walking up to the fourth floor in the office to deliver a memo instead of e-mailing or phoning it. These are people who want to change their lives, who want to live healthier, and thus, live longer.

    Surprisingly, many people find that they really enjoy their lives after they make the choice to live healthier. Consider what healthy living includes – a healthy diet accompanied by frequent exercise. Grab a copy of your government’s food guide and take a look at it. The portions seem small, but the idea is to eat smaller portions at more frequent intervals. This keeps a constant supply of nutrients going in and coming out of the body, keeping you energized and aware.

    When break time rolls around, why not have a piece of fruit with your coffee? Avoid those potato chips and chocolate bars, they are full of processed ingredients. Opt for natural foods, like cheese and yogurt. Even a low-fat or bran muffin can be a healthy treat.

    Many people complain they can only drink water if they live this lifestyle. That’s not true. There’s no need to dent yourself anything, but be prepared for the consequences. You can have a glass of soda here and there, just remember to use moderation. Natural fruit juice and milk are actually quite good for the body as well.

    Exercise is the key in healthy living. You have to use your body in order to keep it healthy. Aerobic exercise, such as a brisk walk or jog, is very good for the body in the morning before work. The exercise increases your heart rate, and thus the blood flow to your heart, lungs and brain. This helps make you awake and aware, and helps keep you productive.

    By walking or jogging for thirty minutes every day and eating according to your federal food guide, you can ensure that your metabolism is staying active. The right foods will encourage metabolic breakdown and digestion, you’ll burn calories and fat cells, and it won’t be long before you begin to see the inches disappear.

    As always, consult with your physician before making any significant changes in your lifestyle or exercise regimen.

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